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Our main objective is to provide the best service available to both our customers and employees.

We measure our success in our people, therefore our most important goal is to make sure that our employees are happy and content during their work and stay in Iceland.

We handle:

Formalities like applying for personal identification numbers, help setting up bank accounts and providing all neccessary information


Assisting with transportation to the country

All registrations and paperwork

Housing for employees

Providing employees cars and gas cards for work

From the beginning we have worked hard at creating a positive environment for each of our employees. Many of our employees have been with us for a long time and have taken permanent residency in Iceland. 

About us


Ingi Örn Gíslason


Böðvar Jónsson


Ylfa Sigþrúðardóttir

Service manager

Aldis Mihailovs

Service manager

The team


Information on employment cards, employment contracts and trials

Information on transportation for work, public transportation and gasoline cards

Everything you need to know to stay healthy and safe in Iceland

Information on currency and taxes in Iceland

Rules and guidelines for our housing and accommodation

Information and photos of provided housing and accommodation

(Please contact us for the required password)



Need any more info?

You can:

Fill out the form on the site 

Call us: +3545715070

Send us an E-mail:

Thank you! Your message has been recieved. We will get back to you shortly

Hafa samband
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