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Live long, be fit, be strong! Taking care of your health is easy in Iceland

We encourage all our employees to take good care of their health by using health facilities close to your work or home location.  

You can enjoy the local geothermal pools, go for a hike or to the gym wherever you are in Iceland.​

Your union, Efling, will refund you a part of the cost you pay for sportclub fees, swimcards or the gym. Up to 17.000 kr for a 12 month period, (or maximum 50% of the total bill). 


Contact Efling or call them on tel: 510 7500 for further information.

Sporthúsið Gym at Ásbrú

For our employees who live in Ásbrú we have a special discount with Sporthúsið, a fully equipped gym only 12 minutes walk from Klettatröð 1. 

There you can go for fitness classes, spinning, stretching, yoga and crossfit, have a smoothie and take a good power shower to name a few wonderful things. 


We suggest you take a look at the website and use the google translate system to understand it.


Waterworld in Keflavik

One of the best things about living in Iceland is the abundance of clean and fresh water, both hot and cold.


In Iceland you can drink fresh, cold water straight from the tap and you can also enjoy hot tubs and outdoor swimming pools all year round. We reccommend doing both.

In Keflavik there is a good swimming pool, both outdoors and indoors. It's great to go there before or after work for a swim and relaxation in the pool, sauna and hot tubs. 

It takes around 10 minutes to get there by car from Ásbrú. 

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 06:30 - 20:00

Friday 06:30 - 19:00 

Weekends 09:00 - 17:00 


  • One time, adult 700 kr. 

  • One time, children 150 kr. 

  • 10 tickets, adults 3.710 kr

  • 30 tickets, adults 8.965 kr

You can also buy a card for the whole year and you'll find further information about that at the swimming pool:

Doctors and medical assistance

In case you need to consult with a doctor the cheapest and easiest way is to visit The Doctors Watch or Læknavaktin in Smáratorg, Kópavogur.

The office is open after work:


Monday - Friday  17:00 – 23:30
Weekends: 9:00 – 23:30
You can also call the number 1770, any time, day or night, and consult with a specialist. If your problem is serious the doctor will direct you to the hospital or to the right specialist. 

Call 112 for police/fire/hospital emergency

Insurance and other info


It is important that you bring your European health insurance card (ES Card). This allows you to seek any required medical assistant while working on a temporary basis in Iceland.

It also certifies that you are insured against any illnesses or accidents in EEA countries.

All of our employees are insured against any accidents occurring at their workplace. It is very important that in case of an accident you seek the required medical assistance and notify management.  

Skin Disease and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

The clinic for skin disease and sexually transmitted diseases is located at Landspítalinn Hospital, Fossvogur in Reykjavík. ​

Appointments need to be made by calling

543-6050 between 8:15 and 15:30 you can also consult your regular doctor at your local heath care, your gynecologist, or see a specialist in infectious diseases​.

How does the health care system in Iceland work?

Click here to read a useful article from the Reykjavik Grapevine. 

Click here to read about the healthcare center and hospital in Keflavik.

Click here to read about the Icelandic health care system in Polish.

Useful links and information

We encourage you to use google translate to understand the information given in Icelandic. 



Worldclass gyms in Reykjavik


Reebook Fitness



VBC Sportcenter

Judo / Karate:




The Reykjavik Sports Union

Outdoor pools and saunas:
Reykjavik Swimming Pools

All the swimming pools in Iceland

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