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Basic rules

Since you share the home with other people you need to show respect.

We are strict about our employees not drinking alcohol at our residencies. You can enjoy a beer at a friends house, in a local bar, restaurant or anywhere you like, but not in the  apartments or houses owned by our company. 

Neither should you play loud music, talk loudly or disturb others with noise.


Many of our employees work on shifts and everybody needs to be able to rest and feel safe in their home enviroment. 

Although it's not a rule, we also encourage you to be involved with your community and enviroment.


It will make your whole experience in Iceland more fun and interesting.


You can start off by visiting the gym or the swimming pool in Keflavik.

The 3 B's

Be safe: Never ignore or create a threat to another persons safety. 

Be civil: Behave towards others with the respect that maintains good relationships, honour dignity. 


Be cooperative: Find the win/win with your neighbours and consider the balance between your rights and responsibilities.

1. No alcohol in residencies

2. Clean up after yourself

3. Be respectful

4. No smoking

5. No noise

6. No pets

7. Be safe

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