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Cars for work

We will provide you with transportation in order to travel to and from your workplace.

These are either company cars or rental cars that will be provided as well as a gasoline card.


It is important that the cars provided are only used to travel to and from your place of work. 

Speeding over the limit can cause you to lose your drivers licence and your job!


Although, you are also allowed to use the car for short trips to the grocery store etc. In case of an accident or any damages to the car it is highly important to report it as soon as possible to management. 


The cars are insured therefore you will not be made financially responsible for any accidental damages to the car. In case of a missing/stolen gasoline card you should also report this as soon as possible..

Public transportation

If you want to travel for leisure or any other reasons there are bus routes available to most common places around Iceland.


You find all the information you need on


There is also an app you can use to track the bus location, pay for tickets and find the next fare and busstop. Easy! Click here to get the app.

Additionally, there are car rentals and taxis available.

More information can be found on:

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